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Always Fighting Disability Discrimination

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) protects individuals with physical or mental disabilities from many types of discrimination, including employment discrimination, housing discrimination and discrimination as customers of businesses. Overall ADA protections can be a minefield for businesses. Quite frankly, business owners and employees are often unaware of or uninformed about disability law. As a result, they often make huge mistakes either by taking action or by failing to take action. Whether you have been the victim of disability discrimination or are a business that is in trouble for ADA violations, Carbajal Law in Las Vegas is here to help.

Reasonable Accommodations Must Be Provided

Employers must provide reasonable accommodations to qualified employees and potential employees. Employers often fail to do so. Examples of reasonable accommodations include:

  • Allowing the employee to telecommute or work remotely
  • Moving the employee’s workstation to a more easily accessible area
  • Allowing the employee to sit rather than stand while working
  • Modifying the employee’s work schedule

Employers are not required to provide accommodations that would be an undue hardship on the employer. Many employers make the mistake of trying to make this call on their own, instead of consulting with an experienced employment attorney to learn what is truly considered to be undue hardship and what types of accommodations are standard for similar employers to make. In many cases, it takes time and effort on the part of both the employer and employee working together to find a creative solution that works for both parties.

Contact A Knowledgeable Attorney

Whether you are an employee or employer, Carbajal Law in Las Vegas can help you understand your legal rights and help you reach the best possible resolution. To learn more about disability discrimination and your legal rights, please call us at 702-846-0040 or contact us online today. We provide free initial consultations.

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