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Choosing a business structure

The state of Nevada is home to many entrepreneurs who are starting a new business. Due to the business-friendly allowances for operators primarily in Las Vegas and Reno, many new startups get established in Nevada. The most important decision these businesses make at...

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What to know about creating an LLC

A limited liability company (LLC) is similar to a corporation in many different ways. For example, like a corporation, an LLC is separate from its owners. Therefore, anyone who tries to file a claim against the company can only recover assets owned by that entity. In...

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What to know about nonprofit entities

In 2015, there were 1.56 million nonprofit organizations in Nevada and throughout the United States. This type of entity seeks to benefit the public as opposed to its owners or shareholders. These organizations generally engage in activities such as preventing cruelty...

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3 tips to help avoid contract disputes

From business formation through expansion, the strength of your organization’s contracts is the cornerstone of success. Developing and maintaining clear, efficient business contracts is crucial to building relationships with vendors, suppliers, partners and employees....

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Common Reasons for Real Estate Disputes

Real estate disputes can sideline you, and they can be costly. A real estate dispute can delay the use of your property, diminish the property’s value, or make the property useless to you, a wasted investment requiring you to start all over. If you aren’t aware of the...

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No one likes paying for insurance, but it’s a necessity for most businesses. What’s worse than paying for insurance? Paying for coverage you don’t need and lacking the coverage you thought you had or didn’t know you needed. If the time comes to file a claim and it...

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