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Fighting Business Interference At Every Step

You have diligently built your business, sacrificing aspects of your life along the way. With all the time, money and sweat you invested, you do not want your company exposed to economic hardship. But someone has interfered in your business relationships. And business interference from unscrupulous parties represents an obstacle you must overcome. With the guidance of an experienced business litigator, it can be done.

Carbajal Law in Las Vegas can skillfully represent you. Founding attorney Hector J. Carbajal II has a proven track record as a successful business litigator. He will do his best in the courtroom to persuade judges to rule in favor of business owner clients. The result: securing compensation for the economic hardships you were subjected to due to wrongful interference in your business relationships.

An Experienced Business Litigator On Your Side

As a champion of small business, Mr. Carbajal provides the legal representation you need and the tenacious advocacy you expect. As a seasoned litigator, he will help you file a lawsuit against the parties that disrupted your business. Such interference is unlawful, and it has affected your relationships with consumers and investors.

Here are some scenarios in which business interference can lead to legal action.

  • As a small-business owner in a strip mall, you discover that the landlord recently has leased a space to a business that provides the same services.
  • A business competitor recruits one of your employees to jump ship and work for him or her. Such scenarios may be difficult to persuade a court to rule in your favor, though.
  • A competitor convinces a customer or supplier to sever all business ties with you, essentially leading to a breach of your contract, in order to create a business relationship with him or her.

With more than 22 years of practicing law, Mr. Carbajal will work for you to prove that another company has interfered with your business, leading to economic harm and loss of profits.

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No business owner should have their livelihoods interfered with. But this can happen when other parties decide to disrupt your business. As experienced business litigators, Carbajal Law in Las Vegas is prepared to lead the legal fight for you. We offer free initial consultations, so please contact us via email or call 702-846-0040.