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Providing Legal Insight Into Noncompete Clauses

Noncompete law is constantly evolving, and you need to know what is current and if your covenant of noncompetition is enforceable. It is common for employers to require new employees to sign a noncompete agreement to protect relationships with customers and confidential information. However, Nevada has strict limitations on enforceable noncompete provisions, and the noncompete agreement, or portions of the agreement, that you are using as an employer or that you signed as an employee may not be enforceable.

Whether you are an employer trying to protect your business or an employee trying to get on with your life and your career after separating from an employer, Carbajal Law in Las Vegas can help. We will review the terms of the agreement and the current situation, and help you reach the optimal outcome for your situation.

A Seasoned Lawyer Who Understands Complex Law

Nevada law governing noncompete agreement is constantly changing and very complex. If you are an employer, you need to protect your business, and unenforceable covenants not to compete do not offer the protection that you need. With an emphasis on business law, we stay current on the ever-changing legal issues that affect our clients, including noncompete law. We are here to help you improve your covenants not to compete to ensure you are fully protected. In addition, we will fight for you if must enforce an existing agreement.

As an employee, you may have signed a noncompete agreement without fully understanding all of the details of what would happen should you separate from your employer and need to find a new job. Or, you may be forgoing career opportunities because you have entered into an agreement that is too broad or too strict to be enforced in Nevada. While noncompete agreements are quite common, Nevada has strict rules on just how restrictive these agreements can be and about the type of language that can be enforced. You must be able to continue in your chosen career.

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If you are facing noncompete litigation, the health of your business or the future of your career may be at stake. You need the help of an experienced and tenacious Nevada noncompete attorney. Carbajal Law in Las Vegas works closely with each client to obtain the best possible outcome. To learn more about noncompete agreements and your legal rights, please call us at 702-846-0040 or contact us online and schedule your free initial consultation right away.