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Aggressively Fighting To Appeal Your Legal Case

Appeals are an expected part of the legal process, and they are very different from trials. Whether you won or lost at trial, an appeal may be on your horizon. If the defendant appeals, you will need to defend your hard won verdict. If you did not win at trial, or if you were not satisfied with the jury award, you may choose to appeal. To successfully win an appeal, you need the help of an experienced appellate attorney. This may not be your trial attorney.

Hector Carbajal has the experience and the unique skill set required to oversee your case from the very beginning all the way through trial and appeal. He is also able to step in for you at the appellate level on a case that was originally handled by another attorney. If you are facing appeal by a defendant or considering filing an appeal, please talk to Carbajal Law in Las Vegas right away.

A Knowledgeable Appellate Attorney On Your Side

Appeals are complex and very different from trial. Winning an appeal requires an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the rules as they apply in your case, thorough review of the factual record, complex reasoning, and the ability to pull it all together with excellent legal writing and oral argument.

Attorney Hector Carbajal is a Harvard graduate with the knowledge and experience you need in an appellate attorney. He handles appeals in both state and federal courts, and regularly handles complex litigation for his clients. His client-centered approach involves getting to know you personally and focusing on your unique needs so that he can obtain the best possible outcome for you.

We are here to help you appeal an unsatisfactory outcome, whether you lost at trial or feel that the jury award was not sufficient. An appeal is not appropriate in every case. We will take an in-depth look at your case to determine if an appeal is appropriate and if it is in your best interest. We are also here for you if you won your case and are now facing the possibility of having your win taken away or your award lowered due to an appeal by the defendant. We will fight hard to protect your original jury award.

An Effective Lawyer Ready To Help You

To learn more about appeals, your legal rights and how we can help you, please call Carbajal Law in Las Vegas at 702-846-0040 today or contact us online right away. Strict deadlines will apply to your case, so please do not wait until it is too late. We offer free consultations.