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Covering All Aspects Of Commercial Litigation

Carbajal Law is here to serve your commercial litigation needs. We understand the stress that commercial litigation can create, and we know that you need to reach a resolution as quickly as possible so that you can move forward. Attorney Hector Carbajal is a highly skilled and experienced litigator, representing Las Vegas clients in both state and federal courts. When you are facing commercial disputes, Carbajal Law is here to guide you through the process from the moment you suspect that a dispute may arise all the way through the best possible outcome for you.

Guiding Clients In Many Areas

We represent Las Vegas clients in a diverse range of commercial litigation, including:

Attorney Hector Carbajal handles every aspect of commercial litigation, including case assessment, discovery, depositions, motions, trial and appeals. He is here with you every step of the way and gives his personal attention to each case.

Business Owner And Contract Disputes

Business owner disputes threaten the very core of your business. They are often deeply personal and therefore require a personal touch. We are here to help you reach a favorable resolution that satisfies everyone involved and restores the health of your business. When the business or the relationship cannot be saved, we are here to fight for you and your interests.

Contract disputes are disruptive and can be very costly. We can help you with a wide range of solutions for contract disputes, helping you achieve the best possible outcome whether you are seeking monetary compensation, contract reformation or rescission of the contract.

Addressing Employment Litigation And Real Estate Disputes

Carbajal Law represents employers and employees. We understand the highly sensitive nature of employment disputes, and we know what is at stake. For employers, we work to achieve a resolution that keeps the business healthy and protects your rights as an employer. For employees, we help you reach the best possible outcome for your unique needs.

Real estate disputes can be lengthy and very costly. They can occur at any time, not just when conducting a real estate transaction. We can help you with all types of real estate disputes including landlord/tenant issues.

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If you are facing commercial litigation in Las Vegas, please call Carbajal Law at 702-846-0040 or contact us online today to schedule your free initial consultation.