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Resolving Disputes Among Business Partners

A dispute between business owners can put the entire company in jeopardy, and they are often deeply personal. Whenever possible, the ideal course of action is to resolve the matter in its earliest stages, when a problem is anticipated or just beginning, before it overwhelms your business. Carbajal Law in Las Vegas can help you get business disputes under control early, saving you time, money and often saving the business itself. We are also here to fight for you if the dispute has progressed well beyond that point, and you are now looking at a buyout or dissolution of the business.

Skilled In Negotiation And Litigation

We understand that business owner disputes can be very personal in nature. What may have started as a small problem can mushroom out of control quickly. If you face the loss of your business, it can affect your personal finances and, in some cases, mean the end of a dream that you worked hard to build. We are here to protect you financially, to protect you from liability for the wrongdoing of others, and, when possible, to save your business and your dream.

Business owner disputes can cause operations to grind to a halt or stall the progress that your business should be making. Disputes cost money and can affect morale within the company, beyond those who are directly involved in the dispute. When appropriate, Carbajal Law helps you resolve the conflict quickly, striving for a resolution that satisfies everyone involved, so your business can get back on track.

We are here to advise and assist in discussions and negotiations with co-owners. It may be appropriate to revise your operating agreement, shareholder agreement or partnership agreement in order to solidify the resolution.

When the conflict cannot be resolved and business owners must part ways, we are here to fight for your interests and protect you from liability for the misdeeds of others. Whether you or another owner is leaving the business, we are here to represent you in negotiating a buyout that is favorable to your interests. When a buyout is not an option and the business must be dissolved, we can guide you through the potentially complex dissolution process.

Meet With A Seasoned Lawyer

Whether you believe that a dispute is brewing, or you are knee-deep in the end stages of a Las Vegas business owner dispute, Carbajal Law is here to fight for you. Please call us today at 702-846-0040 or contact us online to schedule your free initial consultation and learn more about what we can do for you.