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Tackling Fraud In The Investment World

Reckless scheming, half-truths and plain lies are sometimes at the root of investment opportunities that have gone awry. While you have gone in earnestness to listen to an entrepreneur pitch his or her company and idea, you did not expect to be taken for a fool.

You opened your bank book as an investor and believed in their pitch, hoping to get on the ground floor of a start-up company. But everything you learned about the company was not true. Your money was stolen by a serial entrepreneur, relying on dishonesty and illegal maneuvers. This is a definitive case of fraud and misrepresentation. Now you need a business litigation attorney. Carbajal Law in Las Vegas has the know-how, confidence and tenacity to guide you.

Thorough And Determined

A highly skilled litigator, founding attorney Hector J. Carbajal II examines every legal avenue that will benefit you. Not only is he professionally invested in your case, but he is personally invested as well. No litigation case is too complex for Mr. Carbajal as he thoroughly investigates. Highly respected by legal peers, Mr. Carbajal has made the Super Lawyers list for four consecutive years since 2017.

He brings more than 22 years of legal experience in helping investors get their money back, while punishing the culprits in court. He will do his best to prove your case without a doubt. You relied on statements you believed were true, but suffered great losses as a result. Sometimes, the business world is filled with chance, but, in this case, it was plain fraud.

Get A Free Consultation

You have been financially harmed due to fraud and misrepresentation of an investment scheme. Now, you need the effective legal skills of an experienced business litigator. Carbajal Law in Las Vegas will go after the con artists who stole your money. We are ready to go to trial for you. For a free initial consultation, contact us online or call 702-846-0040.