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Common Reasons for Real Estate Disputes

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2019 | BLOG

Real estate disputes can sideline you, and they can be costly. A real estate dispute can delay the use of your property, diminish the property’s value, or make the property useless to you, a wasted investment requiring you to start all over. If you aren’t aware of the types of disputes you could face, you can’t avoid them. Consulting with an experienced real estate attorney before you purchase property is ideal.

If you have already purchased property and are facing or believe you may face a dispute, Carbajal Law is here to guide you to the best solution.

Zoning Problems

Zoning conflicts are among the most common real estate disputes. When purchasing a property, you probably have a purpose in mind. It could be building a home or opening a business. Unexpected zoning restrictions can make the property unusable or make it very difficult to move forward with your plans. Consulting with a real estate attorney before you purchase can prevent the problem. If you have already purchased property and learned that you are facing a zoning conflict, your real estate attorney may be able to help you find the path to achieving your goals.

Undisclosed Flaws

Some properties have very serious problems, and they aren’t always obvious before you buy. Often, these are structural problems with a home or building, making it far less valuable than you believed and requiring extensive repairs. If the seller knew about the problem and failed to disclose it or intentionally hid it from you, you may be able to recover substantial compensation for the financial harm it has caused you, including damages above and beyond the cost of repairs.

Incomplete or Inadequate Repairs

When a seller commits to making repairs as part of a real estate deal, they have a duty to follow through. Unfortunately, some sellers will fail to make the agreed-upon repairs or the work done is inadequate.

Protect yourself before you buy by consulting with an experienced Las Vegas real estate attorney. Call Carbajal Law at 702-846-0040 or email us today to learn more.