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Carbajal Law handles all aspects of civil litigation from beginning to end including trial and appeals in state and federal courts. Attorney Hector Carbajal is a business litigator with extensive experience in handling complex litigation. Our firm takes a personal approach, focusing on your unique needs, from case assessment through trial and appeals.

Business Litigation

Carbajal Law is here to handle your business disputes and legal matters. You need to focus your time and energy on what you do, to keep your business running and running well. When you hire Carbajal Law for your business legal needs, we take care of the details, and we keep you informed every step of the way, so you can focus your full attention on your business. We serve Las Vegas clients in the following areas:

Real Estate Disputes

Whether small or complex, real estate disputes are stressful and can threaten your financial future. Even a seemingly small issue can cause your business, or your life, to grind to a halt while you await the outcome. Your home or your livelihood may be in jeopardy, and you need to know that you are in good hands. Hector Carbajal has extensive experience in handling Las Vegas area real estate disputes, and he is here to fight for you.


When you hire Carbajal Law to handle your legal dispute, we are with you every step of the way. Hector Carbajal represents clients from the beginning fact-finding all the way through trial and appeal. And, we are here to step in at the appellate level if you have gone to trial with another firm. Many trial attorneys are not appellate attorneys. It requires a very different skill set. Whether you are planning to appeal or are facing an appeal from a defendant, Carbajal Law is here for you.

To learn more about our areas of practice and what we can do for you, please call Carbajal Law at 702-846-0040 or contact us online and schedule your initial consultation.